March 28, 2010. With the construction and posting of this website, I am realizing a dream I have had for several years. Although I take my photography very seriously, until this year I have not followed through with an effort to share my photos beyond an immediate group of friends and family. Now I will try to show anyone who cares to visit my site the things that are interesting, beautiful, and meaningful to me.

Opening up this window on my work should help me improve my photos, both through the comments I receive, and the greater attention I will pay to the quality of the images that I will be willing to show. One of the greatest difficulties of any artist is to let go of a creation and declare it a finished work for all to see. There is always something more that could have been done, but waiting for perfection could be an endless (and pointless) process. So to this end, I have begun to show my work in the past 12 months at a few local shows, both in my hometown of Austin, and the Fort Worth area, and finally now on this website.

I consider my style of photography to be primarily documentary, so I sometimes have to search to pick out the stand-alone "statement" images that I might want to print and exhibit. I find it much easier to assemble a group of images from a trip that together tell the story. However, both types of photography are interesting to me, and you will find both on this website. I look forward to sharing my vision of some of the world's great places with you and to hearing your comments.

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